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Reining Horses


What is Reining?

Reining is the supreme discipline in the Western riding style and is therefore one of the most demanding competitions in equestrian sport which is always ridden at a canter.

The elements of a test consist of:

  • fast and slow canter circles,
  • flying canter changes,
  • turns on the hindquarters (spins)
  • rapid stops (sliding stops),
  • hindquarter turns (rollbacks)
  • and backward straightening together.

The listed elements are repeated in each test, but are arranged differently. There are 10 patterns (tasks), which are recorded in the rule book and are written out at each tournament depending on the class.
A Reining is always ridden by heart.

The exact control of the horse at the loose reins by minimal leg and weight aids as well as by the voice is desired. In most competitions the reins are held with one hand. Any deviation from the prescribed task will result in a score (evaluation) of 0.
For small inaccuracies the rider gets penalty points, for particularly good execution he is rewarded with plus points. Each rider starts with a score credit of 70, and receives plus or minus points for his maneuvers depending on the execution of the task. The evaluation is done according to a standardized judging system.
This demanding sport is becoming more and more popular. Children and young people also want to measure themselves against others in smaller and larger tournaments. The motivation to learn something new again and again is very high. Daily training also plays an important role.

In South Tyrol, the popularity of this sport is on the rise.