Nikita - the legend


Nikita did not correspond to the ideal of beauty of a Haflinger mare, neither then nor now.

However, she brought with her the basic requirements that a horse needs for work under the western saddle and for equestrian sport in general: a clear head and appropriate conformation.
And this also includes the right training and trust in her rider, who never disappoints this trust. Then top performances are possible. Then a Haflinger becomes a legend. As Nikita and Luis Kompatscher have proven.

In equestrian sport, there are names that are inseparably linked. Luis Kompatscher and Nikita are among them.
A good friend, Arnold Tschager, had a barely three-year-old Haflinger mare named Nikita in his stable, for whom he had little time. He offered Luis to ride his horse.

So Luis began to work with the mare on a sloping gravel parking lot and Nikita proved to be an eager and willing horse to learn.


After just under six months of training, he took part in a local club tournament and promptly took his first victory in the trail. But the successes were not limited to the riding arena, also in the cross-country the two soon proved what they had on it – on rides with friends they demonstrated the lightness of being, with a rapid canter on the loose rein, and just as promptly switching back to a slower pace, always on the loose rein, while many a fellow rider had problems holding back his nervously tripping horse and preventing it from cantering again.

More tournaments followed, including the South Tyrol Cup, which Kompatscher won with Nikita for three years in all disciplines (pole bending, trail, barrel racing and reining).

It was the beginning of the legend Nikita, who owes her fame to her rider Luis Kompatscher. Numerous appearances at shows and exhibitions at home and abroad followed, for example at the Fieracavalli in Verona, the World Exhibition in Ebbs, the European Show in Luxembourg, as well as participation and also victories at various tournaments.


Nikita impressed again and again with those qualities that should actually distinguish Haflingers: Strong nerves, cooperation, rideability and performance. She never let Luis Kompatscher down, despite the numerous stress factors: constant loading, long transport times, foreign halls, and thus made clear how important mutual trust is.

On the occasion of the Euro Haflinger Gala 2007 in Merano – quasi as the highlight of the gala evening – the official farewell of the now twenty-year-old Haflinger mare Nikita, the great lady of western riding, took place.
As a conclusion of her long career Nikita gave her farewell performance in a sold-out Meranarena, ridden by Luis Kompatscher as usual without bridle, only with voice and weight aids, a well-rehearsed team. Only the great trust in her long-time rider made it possible for Nikita to manage this last performance so magnificently, although she had lost her left eye only half a year before.
Truly a last, moving tour de force.
Many in the audience could not hide their emotion when Luis Kompatscher symbolically took the saddle from his long-time companion at the end of the show.

Nikita was certainly a very special horse. She enjoyed her well-deserved retirement with Luis Kompatscher at the Stallerhof in Deutschnofen, where she passed away in 2009.


Some important performances of the Haflinger-mare Nikita with Luis Kompatscher

Year 2000
- Event World Exhibition in Ebbs
- Open Champion Austria
- Show Pardoviz
- Show Germany
- Show Verona

Year 2001
- Cavalese Freestyle Champion
- Open Champion Austria
- Show Jack Point Austria
- Show at event in Jenesien
- Show at Haflinger event in Meran
- Show in Luttach
- Show in Verona (Fiera cavalli)

Year 2002
- Show European show in Luxenburg
- Show in Zillertal
- Show Weissensee
- Show Haflinger event in Meran
- Show in Verona (Fiera cavalli)

Year 2003
- Show in Steinach
- Show fair Lago Maggiore
- Show fair Sondrio
- Show Sterzing
- Show Horses International in Munich
- Show Verona Fiera cavalli


Year 2004
- Show Offenburg Eurocaval
- Show Stubei
- Show Horses International in Munich
- Show in Ulten
- Show Germany

Year 2005
- Show Equitana in Essen
- Show Meran
- Show World Exhibition Ebbs
- Show Kohlerhof in Austria

Year 2006
- Show Sterzing
- Show Jack Point
- Show in Welschnofen
- Show fair Bozen
- Show Verona fiera cavalli

Year 2007
- Farewell Nikita, at the Euro Haflinger Gala in Meran